Monthly Archives: November 2020

Billboard for the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center

The purpose of this mural is to honor the tireless work of the staff at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center. From frontline workers to those who work in the background to ensure the hospital as a whole runs with both structure and humility, their ongoing effort to support its people truly reflects the concept of community. During the pandemic, the staff have been diligent to delivery safe services with the continued amount of care they have always brought to Kahnawake. 

In this image, I have painted two medical staff who are smiling and extending a warm welcome to our community. Both are wearing beaded masks made by our own people and one holds a burning sage bowl. From the smoke of the sage comes good energy, including the iconic rainbow colours we have come to associate with resilience during this pandemic seamlessly woven into the smoke. Behind them is a sunset with both the sun and the moon-cycle, to represent both the cultural teachings of transition and change as well as to demonstrate the around the clock dedication of our staff. Along the horizon line are all the staff standing together. This is to represent the community of people involved within the health system, who together hold us during this pandemic and always. From their feet run roots to the bottom of the mural because their devotion is rooted in the love from our ancestors, regardless of where we come from.

Written at the bottom is the word Entewatatse’nia:ron which translates to “we will preserve”. The entire concept embraces the work of the staff who ensure that we will overcome this pandemic as a community. 

I have so much gratitude for being invited to be part this project.