Workshops and Training

To book a workshop or presentation, please navigate to the contact page. Workshop themes can include:

  1. Co-creative murals around specific themes
  2. Indigenous materials and art therapy
  3. Art materials and trauma
  4. Land based therapy, knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing
  5. Art therapy in schools
  6. Art therapy in the workplace
  7. Art therapy in prisons

Art Hive Projects as Facilitator:

  • Skatne Ionkwatehiahrontie; 2015 (Rights of Passage Weekly Art Hive)
  • McGill University’s Consent Week; 2019 (Land and Body Consent Art Hive)
  • Canada Roots Exchange; 2019 (Reconciliation Mural Hive)
  • Federal Prison; 2019 (Land as Identity Mural Hive with the inmates)
  • Canada Roots Exchange; 2020 (Relations with the Land Art Hive Sculpture)
  • McGill University Indigenous Awareness week virtual Hive; 2020 (Self-Care for Students)

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