Support the continuation of Skatne Ionkwatehiarontie (Our Families Grow Together), a youth-led and grassroots Haudenosaunee parenting program for young parents under the age of 25. Participants include young parents, pregnant women and couples, youth thinking of starting families as well as sibling caregivers, aunts, uncles, step parents, two spirited and LGBTTIQQA community members.

The mission of the group is to explore and decolonize child development, sexual health, and attachment parenting through an interactive and arts-based look into our Haudensosaunee seven rights of passage ceremonies, creation story and other traditional knowledge.

As a second layer, the program aims to reduce the stigma young parents face by empowering them through story sharing, elders, cultural teachings and art-processing.

The program is closing it’s second 10 week session. Check out our facebook page for more information: www.facebook.com/OurFamiliesGrowTogether

Sales for this t-shirt will go towards creating a sustainable program.

Fuelling the next generation!


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